The Vision

Early Stage MT is dedicated to accelerating the growth of Montana’s tech ecosystem by providing world class training and top tier mentorship to emerging Montana-based tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Diversifying Montana's Economy

Through our one-of-a-kind programs, we’ve provided 90+ companies and 260+ entrepreneurs with information and know-how they need to succeed; we’ve connected 80+ mentors with impactful ways to share their experience and engage with entrepreneurs; and we’ve helped create over 100 jobs and generate $35 million in new investment. And we’ve done it in just 3 years.

Why the success? Because our model is simple – it’s people helping people.

Plus, it’s fun. Every day we work with innovators, problem solvers, experts, and leaders. These people are “do-ers” that mix well with our “roll up your sleeves and get it done” attitude. So yes, the success is great. But we’re just getting started. 

We aim to triple our impact over the next 10 years. We won’t have it any other way.

Early Stage MT was started to upset the norm. In 2016, Montana ranked 33rd in the number of venture capital deals and 43rd in the amount invested on a per capita basis (and there’s only about 1 million people here!). It’s 31st in innovation, and 34th in human capital potential to support tech growth. But Montanan’s aren’t “back of the pack” people.

Sure, Montana’s tech sector is relatively young. Yes, there aren’t many examples of companies that have scaled or exited. And it’s true that a lack of peer examples makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to know what high performance looks like, and emulate it. Yet still Montana entrepreneurs persist. 

Tech sector growth is 7x the pace of Montana’s overall economy and sector jobs pay 71% more than the average Montana salary. While Montana is rapidly becoming a “go-to” locale for start-ups and emerging tech companies, Early Stage MT has become the “go-to” source for know-how and mentoring that fuel growth, minimize mistakes, and lead to success for Montana’s emerging tech companies.

Simply put, at Early Stage MT we’re connecting experience with innovation to create jobs and generate economic prosperity throughout Montana.