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Roadshow Coaching Events

The Roadshow Coaching Events are the first part of our three-part series designed to recruit, train, and showcase the highest-potential startups in the state.

The series begins with Roadshow events held across the state to identify startups with excellent growth potential. Startup Founders pitch to a panel of successful entrepreneurs and investors to get feedback on their idea, and to become part of the HyperAccelerator cohort.

Events are held regionally so startups from every corner of Montana can get feedback and earn a seat in the cohort.

Learn more about the TechAccelerator series here

In the three years since we went through the program, we have built a customer success team who allow us to deliver our vision and purpose to over 150,000 users/ month on our platform. Michael Swanson, Co-founder, Alosant

Upcoming Events in your Region: