Fueling Montana's Tech Ecosystem

Early Stage MT is accelerating the growth of Montana’s tech ecosystem to create jobs and diversify statewide economic foundations to build stronger communities. We do this by connecting Montana’s emerging technology companies to the training, expertise, and resources needed to be more successful, create more jobs, and have larger impacts on local economies.

Diversifying our Economy

For decades, Montana’s economy has been fueled by agriculture, energy extraction, and tourism - three industry sectors that are highly susceptible to economic cycles and vulnerable to global factors well beyond the control of the sector itself. On the other hand, Montana's technology sector is small but flourishing, growing at 9x the rate of the state’s overall economy and paying salaries 2x the state average.

What drives this momentum? Programs like Early Stage MT that connect entrepreneurs to the experience, expertise, and resources they need to thrive and grow. In just 2 years we’ve worked with 80+ companies and 240+ entrepreneurs, created over 40 jobs and generated $10 million in investment in MT tech companies. We aim to see the tech sector grow from 5% of Montana's gross domestic product to 15% or more in the next 10 years.

Doing so requires the support of many. We need more industry partners, experienced mentors, and financial supporters—each of whom must be committed to growing Montana’s tech sector by fostering success of emerging companies and creating good paying Montana jobs to build stronger communities all across Montana.

Our Industry Partners

Montana’s tech-industry leaders know the value our programs have for Montana’s entrepreneurs. We’re proud to have them as partners.

Early Stage MT’s programs are vital to the ongoing success and vibrancy of the high tech sector in Montana. There are already many companies that are demonstrably stronger, faster growing, and better funded as a result of the efforts of Early Stage MT. With additional resources, it stands to reason that Early Stage MT could continue to scale operations and find companies in all corners of the state. By improving these companies, the state economy will become more diverse, more resilient, and larger. Ken Fichtler
Chief Business Officer, Montana Governor's Office of Economic Development