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Early Stage Montana

Congratulations to the

2019 Regional Showcase Winners

6 finalist companies and 1 wildcard nominee have been chosen to experience the opportunity of a lifetime—
A week of individualized coaching and mentoring with successful business champions,
ncredible statewide networking and media visibility,
And the chance to win a $50,000 cash prize!*

Charmed is not your typical dating app—it compliments numerous other dating services by leveraging artificial intelligence, providing messaging feedback and dating advice to individual users while they’re searching for a potential mate.

Working to transform the lives of those suffering from Type 1 diabetesDugalHealth closely tracks eating habits and uses machine learning tools to determine proper insulin dosages.

DRIMS focuses on aiding disaster recovery programs around the world by offering a digital platform that streamlines communication and planning for all the various agencies that help victims of natural disasters.

Parterning with consolidators, couriers, and mail services, MyShippingPost uses software and label-printing to make shipping packages more convenient and less expensive.

RavenCSI is striving to help healthcare organizations improve customer retention and health outcomes by speeding up the feedback cycles from patients to administrators to caregivers.

Vision Aerial is building sophisticated drones to assist in the inspection process of public and commercial infrastructure.

Tadpull offers a software platform to help mid-market, e-commerce companies improve their digital marketing, resulting in better insights and increased sales.

Regional Showcase finalists are invited to attend our HyperAccelerator program in June.
But only the best of the best are selected from the 2 HyperAccelerators
to compete for a $50,000 investment at the 2019 Statewide Showcase.

2 HyperAccelerators

7 Presenting Companies

1 Winning Team

Did you miss out on the Regional Pitch Competions? You still have a chance to attend the HyperAccelerator! An additional 5-day program is taking place in September. We will be accepting applications soon, sign up to get notifed.

Stay tuned for more news about the
September HyperAccelerator.

Each company evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Size of the problem being solved or opportunity seized
  • Effectiveness of the solution proposed to solve the problem or capture the opportunity
  • Uniqueness and competitive defensibility of the solution
  • Realistic potential revenue and profit of the business over a 5 year horizon
  • Soundness of the sales, marketing, and go-to-market plans
  • Strength of the management team and the advisors/partners
  • Clarity, conciseness, and quality of the presentation
  • Team’s openness to feedback and mentorship
* Capital infusion subject to agreement on terms with investors.