Regional Showcases


Business Pitch Events for Emerging Tech Companies


Join your community in supporting Montana’s most innovative startups. 


Wednesday, March 18
5–8 pm
MSUB – Glacier Room
1500 University Dr.


Thursday, April 2
5–8 pm
Jabs Hall at MSU
S. 8th Ave.


Thursday, April 9
5–8 pm
Garlington Lohn & Robinson
350 Ryman St. – 6th floor

Just 10 Short Minutes

Each presenting company will get 10 min to pitch their business, followed by 10 min of questions from the judges.

Opportunities for Growth

Final contestants from each region are selected to attend the Early Stage MT HyperAccelerator program and compete for capital investment* at the 2020 Statewide Showcase.

Evaluation Based on the Following:

  • Size of the problem being solved or opportunity seized
  • Effectiveness of the solution proposed to solve the problem or capture the opportunity
  • Uniqueness and competitive defensibility of the solution
  • Realistic potential revenue and profit of the business over a 5 year horizon
  • Soundness of the sales, marketing, and go-to-market plans
  • Strength of the management team and the advisors/partners
  • Clarity, conciseness, and quality of the presentation
  • Team’s openness to feedback and mentorship

Criteria for Entering:

  • Headquartered in Montana
  • Registered LLC or C-corp
  • Tech-leveraged business model: one which uses technology in the core of the value delivered to the customer, versus delivering a service or low tech manufacturing (examples: software, cloud applications, sensors/IoT, data and analytics, medical devices, biotech, ag-tech, clean-tech, energy tech, etc.)
  • At least one Founder must be working full-time in the business
  • There must be at least one other co-founder/employee, even if only part-time
  • Company ideally has some revenue already (up to $5M ARR), or at the very least a prototype of their product in the marketplace being used by customers
  • If the product doesn’t lend itself to prototype (e.g. biotech drug, medical device, or advanced scientific application), company should have research establishing the viability of the product and the potential appeal in the marketplace
  •  Must be solving a problem in the market that could lead to a business with at least 10’s of $millions of revenue

Please review the criteria above before beginning the application process.