Sharpen Your Strategy, Plan and Presentation

Early Stage Montana

Open to Finalists of the Regional Events

Entrepreneurs get a combination of classroom instruction and intensive hands-on coaching from some of Montana’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors. It’s an opportunity to tighten plans or completely re-envision the business. And business owners build connections with people who can help execute their plans bigger, better and faster, as well as those who can help them get access to the capital and resources to make it happen.

June 3–7, 2019

September 9–13, 2019


  • Improve your business strategy, including market needs and market-size assessments.
  • Focus your product or solution strategy.


  • Scrub your financial plan and capital investment needs.
  • Sharpen your marketing and sales plans.
  • Build your recruiting and training plans.
  • Establish your plan for selling or exiting your business at the right time.


  • Improve your pitch to investors.

Quality learning experiences like this would normally cost $10,000 to $25,000. As a finalist from one of the regional events, we charge entrepreneurs NOTHING for this incredible learning experience. They just have to show up and commit to really engaging with some of the most valuable insights and most inspirational people Montana has to offer.

Together, we’ll get you ready to be your very best when you present to a diverse audience, including nationally recognized investors.

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