2018 HyperAccelerator Event Update

Early Stage MT’s inaugural HyperAcclerator program, held at Montana State University’s Jake Jabs Hall, was a resounding success.  Seven emerging tech companies from across MT participated in the week-long, 50-hour intensive curriculum  designed to help them take their businesses to the next level.

We had an excellent core of instructors and over 30 mentors who donated one or more days of their time to help move these companies more quickly down their path to success.

Over five intensive days, with a combination of classroom work and break-outs with mentors, the HyperAcclerator program provided training and mentoring on 9 in-depth modules including:

  • Improving your business strategy, assessing market needs and developing market-size assessments
  • Analysis of the strategic and competitive landscape to find your best opportunities
  • Scrubbing your financial plan and forecasts to tell the story of your company’s growth plan and financing needs
  • Sharpening your marketing and sales plans
  • Establishing your plan for selling or exiting your business at the right time
  • Arriving at a smart valuation for your business
  • Comparing options for financing your growth
  • How to design and negotiate terms with investors
  • Improving your pitch to investors

And the companies seemed to really value the program as evidenced by this quote from one of the participants:

“The program delivered tremendously on my incoming expectations to it. I wasn’t totally sure if what we learned during ESMT was going to be valuable for our business, but after completing it, I can’t really imagine what position my company would be in right now without having done the Accelerator. I actually fear for how naive we were going into the whole experience and how much farther that naivete could have truly taken us.”

Special thanks to all of our mentors. Without you it would just have been a classroom.  You brought it to life!

Also Special thanks to Peter Adams of Rockies Venture Club for A) letting us be the pilot test for the HyperAcclerator program outside Denver; and B) volunteering a whole week of his time to come coach us on implementation and help mentor our emerging companies. He’s been incredibly generous and a true pleasure to work with.